Michael Chichi is an artist and designer based in Hawaii.  

His work explores various themes and interests — patterns in nature, sensuality & eros, beauty, environs, phenomenology, humanism, transcendence & perception. 

Creative Partner at Earth Family
Founder and Curator of Synaptic Stimuli

Playboy Magazine (Dutch & German)
C-Heads Magazine - Animus and Anima
We are the People Magazine - Kawela Bay with Marisa Papen
P Magazine - Embodiment
Plastic Sushi - Limited Edition eco-calendar project with Marisa Papen
C-Heads Magazine - The Interplay of Opposites
NAKID Magazine - Mini Issue 4 - 'Sexual'
C-Heads Magazine - Water has Memory
Art of Attention
Yoga at Home
GQ women

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Synaptic Stimuli


This symbol is a hexagram from the I-Ching, an ancient Chinese divination text.   There are 64 total hexagrams.   This is no. 63. Chi Chi / After Completion

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